At Rhodian, we believe that ‘better’ looks more equitable and that our success will be judged only by the success of those in our network. Our vision has driven us to discover new technologies, deepen our long-standing international partnerships and challenged us to think bigger. Rhodian will support those that have the same appetite for entrepreneurialism, that are disciplined in their underwriting approach and are committed to improving outcomes for brokers and insurer partners alike.

‘We choose to challenge the old and to venture forward, collectively.’

The Rhodian Name

The name Rhodian is inspired by the Byzantine Empires Rhodian Sea Law that evolved back in the 6th century. The regulations concentrated on the liability for the cost of lost or damaged cargo. Cargo loss was greatest during storms, when part or all of it had to be thrown overboard in order to save the ship. Large amounts were also lost to piracy. Thus, the maritime law served as a form of fair and equitable insurance, dividing the cost of the losses between the shipowner, the owners of the cargo, and the passengers alike.

What makes us...us.

Simon Lightbody, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhodian talks about where the name Rhodian came from and why it was chosen.

Our Stakeholder Value

Agency Leaders

  • Equity partnership
  • Speed to market & acceleration
  • Strength of frameworks

Our culture supports people to be fully engaged and invested in their own success. We’ve got the technology, business operations and regulatory requirements covered, providing our agency leaders with a platform to successfully deliver their vision to market. Together, we challenge the status quo and build strong business.

Broker Clients

  • Consistent, long-term strategies
  • Strength of people & technology
  • Empowering MI insights

Through the strength of our people and our frameworks, Rhodian agencies are empowered to deliver consistent underwriting, exceptional service, and build long-term strategies for shared success. Our technology provides brokers with better MI insights and direct access to portfolio data, ensuring business value is added through every interaction.

Insurer Partners

  • Strong risk management culture
  • Product expertise
  • Data transparency

With a strong focus on data and technology, that supports the interaction between all stakeholder groups, we're building agencies with the capability to demonstrate total transparency across their portfolios, in real time. Our inhouse Group-services mean our network can absorb regulatory changes efficiently and offer stability and consistency across product distribution and pricing.

Our Network Ecosystem

Our ecosystem has been developed in direct response to the ever-growing barriers to market faced by underwriting agency startups. Our funding, services and operational model are supported by powerful technology and driven by agency leaders at the top of their specialist field. No part of our ecosystem works in isolation, and our culture of collaboration and shared success permeates every decision we make.

Our Key Pillars

Rhodian's ecosystem is driven by four key pillars, focused on our commitment to agency fundamentals. By delivering across these pillars, we offer agency and industry partners the stability, structure and speed required to succeed.


We match the strongest product opportunity with the best talent, to build businesses with truly invested people.

Capacity Strategy

We source capacity that provides speed to market & long term security based on Rhodian’s market relationships.

Shared Services

We combine industry leaders from all shared service sectors to provide the structure and frameworks that drive business success.


Our strategic commitment to technology and data provides speed to market, consistent underwriting delivery and continual product optimisation.

Our Team

Simon Lightbody

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Takos

Chief Underwriting Officer

Tessa Chirnside

Chief Operating Officer

Kerryn Dominguez

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen O'Young

Chief Technology Officer

Doug Signorini

Head Of Compliance

Albert Napoli

Head Of Portfolio And Actuarial

Our Strategic Partners

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